Twist Twist Twist!

A new and innovating product from Commercial Towables.  

It is safe, extremely fun and... twists..!

 From 100% PVC material 

It looks like a carousel twisting in the water, totally impressive!! 

Available in two versions, for 6 and for 10 persons, it can be used by one or two families at the same time!

It needs low speed in order to twist and that makes it extra safe.  

It is safe for all users and needs less power and less gas to operate

Make the difference with AquaTwister, the only one towable that can TURN and TWIST on the water!


      It come in two sizes:

  - For 6 persons

- For 10 persons



Rider capacity: up to 6-10 people

  Full heavy duty PVC material 

     1 special spinning tow point (patent protected)

 2 air chambers 

Covered “Boston” valves 

  16+20 handles