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Payment Methods

Use of credit card

You can use your credit card to pay your order.

You can place your order by email and our staff will give you instructions how to use you credit cart trough to our online payment system.

The use of credit cards for your online shopping is absolutely safe and guaranteed by ALPHA BANK.

All the transactions are taking place by connecting with the secure site of Delta Pay.

Acceptable credit cards are VISA, AMERICAN EXPRESS and MASTERCARD.

The transactions of CommercialTowables.com are served by Delta Pay (service of Alpha Bank).

The web server who hosts the service E-Commerce – Redirect function with 128 bit encryption ssl (Secure Socket Layer).

By the use of protocol we secure that all the information transferred between the client (web browser of the user – customer)

and the server (Delta Pay), is encrypted and cannot be intercepted.

The customer of Commercialtowables.com is led to the secure site of Delta Pay so s/he can type the details of his/her credit card,

in order to finish the purchase with safety.

The credit card's details are not been sent back in Commercialtowables.com.


    Bank Deposit

You can place your order by email and our staff will send you a sales confirmation with our  bank details to use it to your bank for the payment.

Bank information

•        Bank name: ALPHA BANK

•        Bank address: NEA ALIKARNASSOS

•        Account Name: M.SIDERIS KAI SIA Ο.E.

•        Branch: 689

•        Swift code: CRBAGRAAXXX

•        IBAN: GR45 0140 7750 7750 0233 0000 790


Please send us a copy of the bank transaction by fax at (+30) 2810372993, or by e-mail to  info@commercialtowables.com